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  • flash drive to record audio

    now with 4gb usb 2.0 flash drives cheaper than ever, and with the good ones with excellent speed transfers, what about using flash memory to record digital audio rather than hard drives? i mean, the DAW is installed in the main HD, but using a pen drive as an external disk...

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    Sounds like a good idea. Then back it up to HD later.


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      Roland and Zoom (and others) have been doing it for a while. Let us know how it goes...I'd be interested in throughput and track count.


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        I've done it quite a few times, usually you just need to re-set the default audio drive in your program's preferences. It's also crucial to use USB 2.0 not 1.1

        Honestly, with hard drives being so friggin' fast these days, I didn't notice that much improvement on smaller projects...and didn't have enough space for bigger projects, I got into this back when flash drives were 128/256 MB or so. I should revisit the concept using a bigger drive...

        But it does indeed work.
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          I've also used a Flash drive for the swap file on a PC which seemed to go OK.
          Until I forgot that I had the USB stick in a slot on the side of my box & leaned
          the box over while changing out some ram......SNAP!!!
          Must get another one.....