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Forget about Radiohead -- now THIS is a real cultural landmark...

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  • Forget about Radiohead -- now THIS is a real cultural landmark...

    The Man From U.N.C.L.E.: The Complete Collection

    41 DVDs... 105 episodes.

    http://www.timelife.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?catalogId=10001&storeId=1001&langId =-1&productId=19001&sourcekey=Y81GSCHGGL

    OK... admittedly, the first season is the only one that's pretty consistently good. The second season has some good moments, as I recall... and the rest get really bad, really fast... some serious shark-jumping occurred as the series ran into the last few seasons... schtick-humor vampires, flying saucers, and Bob Vaughn's famously flexible eyebrow cranked to the top of the TV screen as he smirked his way through to the end.

    But -- still -- for those of us poised perilously on the lip of our second childhood... this could not be coming out at a better time.


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    Nice! Illya Kuryakin was cool.
    Ain't no sacrilege to call Elvis king
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      He was, like, the Russian Beatle.

      You can bet he would be working against Putin today...

      BTW... I stand second to no one-time-teenage U.N.C.L.E. fan... I actually owned not just the first David MacCallum album ("Music -- A Part of Me") but the second, as well ("Music -- A Bit More of Me")... albums on instrumental pop covers which featured an accent on double reeds -- since McCallum (note I'm not looking up the spelling, so I'm covering my bases, here) hadn't actually played since grade school, when he played oboe and English horn. The album was my formal introduction to Quincy Jones (whose name I at least recognized from being on my mom's Sinatra albums) and now-semi-legendary arranger H.B. Barnum.

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        Most people don't realize that he has been back on television for a few seasons now...
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          Robert Vaughn's doing commercials for lawyers on the Albuquerque, New Mexico local stations.
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            Most young folk like myself, don't know a thing about it. Unfortunately, I do remember Robert Urich. I guess we're even.
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