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Pulsar II or something less complex?

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  • Pulsar II or something less complex?

    This relates to my previous post.

    If I can get the Pulsar card up and running should I buy it or look for something cheaper and less complex.

    If I buy some thing else what would be a readily available, reasonable quality PCI card with rock solid stability, low latency, 2 ins, 2 outs, plus midi.

    I'm going to buy a P4 with the following specs.

    2.8gig Processor
    2gig Ram
    Matrox Mill G550
    Asus Pac 800 series MB
    3 IDE drives (2 in a raid config)

    Windows XP Pro
    Cubase VST 5.1
    Cubase SX 2 (Maybe)

    I'm also looking for something like Roland's VSC3 (but better sound quality) that will render a midi file to an audio format rather than use a sound module.

    Any help would be appreciated
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