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  • Alternative to TC POWERCORE FIREWIRE?

    Hey guys,

    Been almost 8 months since I've last posted this thread as I have relocated to Hong Kong and lost all sense of music appetite.

    Anyways, im back on track once again and i am in SERIOUS gear lust. I remember having my eye on the TC Powercore series last year, but was wondering if there has been any new developments by competing companies that have released a similar product?

    I am currently looking for a DSP based system that is capable of not just loading Mastering, EQ, Compression plugins, but full out synthesis.

    I know Powercore has a Virus, Novation, and SH-101 software synthesizer, but i have read mixed reviews about all three.

    Therefore, since i have been so out of the loop, does anyone know if there are any other dsp based systems that offer a similar product with the features described above?

    Thanks and it feels great to be back!

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    If synths running on alternate DSP power are your priority you should give Creamware a serious look, if not then I'd say UAD(no synths though) is your only other alternate DSP solution other than Pro Tools HD/Accel. To be honest though, apart from the Acess Virus on Poco, native synths are pretty much where the quality is these days apart from real hardware. You might want to consider a new powerful computer running native plugs like the Sonnex(formerly Sony) plugins and or URS and consider the plethora of native synths out there, or a combination of UAD and native synths.
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      FYI Creamware was bought out by SonicCore. I've been using the Creamware system since 2000 and think that it's incredibly underrated.
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