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Nelson Riddle's self-told story on YouTube!

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  • Nelson Riddle's self-told story on YouTube!

    One of popular music's greatest arrangers tells his own story in some depth in a YouTube 5-part series. Not to be missed by those of us who dig fine pop arrangements.

    For one thing, he talks about how he was strongly influenced by The Sauter-Finegan Orchestra. Ever heard of them? In the 1940's and 50's they were doing some marvellously experimental jazz/big band arrangements.
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    Last year I had to "attempt" to pull off a Nelson Riddle styled piece for an ad client. So I listened to a bunch of Sinatra with Mr. Riddles Orchestra. The client was happy...but I know I failed horribly in really capturing his genius.

    It was a difficult task...I'm shocked he learned his string arrangements in the Merchant Marine.

    This was great...thanks!


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      One of my 3DW pals, Ted Murdock, was Ray Charles' live band first trumpet for many years. Ted didn't play music until learning trumpet in a US Navy band. Yet when Charles did a gig with the Atlanta Symphony, he took the Raylettes (his b/u singers), and Ted, and that was it.

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      The chorus seems a little weak... I think it needs more lasers.


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        Nice... I love his response to if he ever felt in danger of repetition.

        "Some of the phrases you seem to view with some affection have to potential to do you in." Very self effacing and low key guy. Nice interview.


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          I liked his work with Linda Rondstadt.