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I've got an original, No. 10 Batman comic.I want to sell it.


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  • I've got an original, No. 10 Batman comic.I want to sell it.

    What do I do?

    Some have suggested I go to Comic Con, which coincidentily is in San Diego this weekend. It's where I'm located as well. But I'll take on a pass on that overcrowded nerdfest of Luke Skywalker wannabes, thanks.

    So what does one do when they have an old classic comic and want to get the maximun $ for it. Or rather, the market value for it.

    I understand there's a sort of certification preocess for this? I'm lost.

    Any ideas?
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    There's this outfit that grades the copy, then seals it up in a sort of plastic vacuum box. Apparently their grading is widely accepted.


    Lots of ebayer's sell comics that have been graded by these folks.

    I did a lot of research into selling my old stash of Marvel silver age comics some years back, decided my copies were too worn to bring much. Still, my #1 Silver Surfer and #1 Conan I might unload someday.

    It is definitely a fact that the prices comics can bring varies a LOT with current notoriety via movies and such.

    I also heard repeatedly that the thing to do is hang out at a few of the conventions to see how things are done. The thing NOT to do is to just walk the comic to some local retail vintage comic store or local private dealer and do a deal as a noob.

    good luck -

    nat whilk ii