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Congrats to the Saints


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  • Congrats to the Saints

    I guess if you ignore the "experts" and do the best you can, sometimes you end up a winner. Congrats to the Saints and Saint fans everywhere. Who Dey??

    ps To you non-football people (in America it is football)... a great game, very fun to watch. Glad that NO won after the beat down Katrina gave them.

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    You know I don't watch sports much and was sort of for Indy when I heard they were gonna be in there as they are close to me and I've been there a few times, but then heard the Saints story and they've never been to the game yet hosted it many times. I was totally cheering for them all night and couldn't believe the outcome. Wow, Indy seemed a better team but N.O. just had bigger hearts and David beat Goliath or something. Really enjoyed the game and the Doritos ads.

    (the artist formally known as DC before the move to HC)