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r.i.p. Doug Fieger of the Knack

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  • r.i.p. Doug Fieger of the Knack

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    RIP, Mr Feiger.

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      What a shame. I owned that album back in 1980. I couldn't understand the knocking that they sometimes got ("Nuke The Knack!") when they were compared to The Beatles.
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        bum-BUM-bum-BUM-bum-BUM-bada-bada-bum-BUM-bada-BUM--BYYYYE DOUG FIEGER!!!

        Couldn't resist. Seriously, though--I heard it on the radio just the other day; that was a great rock 'n roll song. He will be missed. R.I.P., Doug.


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          RIP. I like the Knack.
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            Sad news. RIP.


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              They were subjected to a HUGE backlash, but I really liked Get The Knack a lot, and am sad to hear of Doug's passing.

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                I didn't get the backlash, either.
                Well...maybe the lyrics were straight out of 10th grade, but as far as the music goes, it was A+ power pop.
                Music -

                My band: http://www.facebook.com/drfeelgoodband


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                  That was probably the very first rock song I liked as a kid. The song is so simple but so cool. And it even had an instrumental bridge. Thank you, Doug!
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                    Very sad.

                    My cousin was a huge Knack fan and got me into the band as well. I regret not seeing them with him when they were promoting ZOOM back in '98. I think they were playing in Minneapolis or possibly even Grand Forks at the time. Great music and a somewhat under-rated band.
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                      To Mr Fieger's family and friends, I offer M-m-m-my condolences.
                      Elson TrinidadSinger, Songwriter, Keyboardist, BassistElson and the Soul BarkadaWeb: www.elsongs.comMySpace: www.myspace.com/elsongsFacebook: Facebook PageTwitter: twitter.com/elsongs


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                        I was/am a HUGE fan of the Knack.

                        Sad to hear about Mr. Fieger's passing.
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                          I didn't get the backlash, either.

                          It was the kiss of death back then to be compared to The Beatles -- earlier victims of this phenomenon included The Raspberries and Bay City Rollers -- and The Knack invited comparisons by consciously copying The Beatles' image in their marketing. (More here)

                          It's a shame because they might have had long careers if they had just created their own image like other bands.

                          But yes, "My Sharona" was an irresistible single back in 1979, and it's a classic today.

                          I'm sad to hear about Doug Fieger's passing.

                          R.I.P. Doug.


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