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So I've upgraded to WINDOWS 7 x64


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    Why did MS release VISTA in the first place?



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      Cool, thanks for the input. It's 64 bit and a good few of my favorite programs will not run.

      The main thing that bothers me is that MS keeps changing certain things that we've been used to for a decade. I don't understand this need to keep changing what isn't broke. It's like they just rearrange everything just to jack with you.

      If we've been used to a certain convention since like 3.1, why in the hell are you changing it?!

      And as mentioned, why is it we keep getting faster machines with more ram that still run the same speed? Because windoze is eating up the **************** **************** faster than we can get to it.

      I think they should be forced by a court of law to still offer XP and provide security updates, if even for a price. It's a stable, no frills system (by current standards) that just works.

      I just think it's a shame that MS is able to just make decades worth of hardware/software obsolete by doing their updates the way they do.

      Not to mention, I think it's a stupid business decision. They could still be selling copies of XP for I'm sure a good few years to come.

      In fact, since it became the standard for as long as it did, perhaps that would be the solution...force XP into the open source domain. Like an expiring copyright or patent, it would provide continued support for legacy systems, and I'm sure there would still be people developing with it.

      Imagine if XP was open source and was used by developers for the new wave of handheld computing?

      I never was much of a MS basher, but I am now. I've been abused and annoyed enough.

      All I want to do is play Sim City 3000.

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        Perhaps I missed some hidden secret command in 7 that I didn't catch at the tweakwin7.com site. /sarcasm :|
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          I still haven't got the whole Vista bashing thing yet. I did notice a few annoying instances of something getting moved somewhere else, but all I could really see was a bunch of fancy CPU sucking fluff that was completely unnecessary. None the less, I just turned it all off and it's screamin'. I'm using it right now and I love it.

          I think everybody just likes 7 because it's trying to look like a Mac. Eating up Moore's Law like a disposal.

          What's the bench tests look like between a dual core with XP64bit vs win7 64bit?



          The bottom line is, when I get an OS update...I don't want to have to learn a whole new paradigm. Good grief, every damn time, you have to completely re-learn where everything is at. That **************** just burns me from the get go. I'm sure I'll be doing some video at some point on the win7 laptop and be getting my jollies, but I sure as hell am not going to enjoy all the cussing I do to get there. (In addition to buying some software that will work.)

          The one review has some comment with some guy with a quad core running 12 gigs of ram. Wow. I could see that being quite quick at video rendering.

          So, if I have any questions and I'm sure I will, you guys with your Win7 pseudo-macs can tell me where the folder show by file type command is.

          Why the hell didn't they just call it iWin?

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            So I'm guessing working up a little logo that's a four pane window with a bite out of it's already been done?
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              My daughter LOVES Windows 7. Says it beats XP, Vista, and Mac.

              Is she a hipster?
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                That second link I posted had some great info in the comments. I'm thinking maybe I just need to take the time to figure it out (Win7).
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                  All I want to do is play Sim City 3000.

                  Bah, just get Sim City 4. It's a bit of a system-hog and you'll have to re-learn how to do everything - but I'm sure that won't bother you


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                    I have it (Sim City 4), it sucks.
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