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    A friend of mine dropped of Raymond Scott CD (Microphone Music) for me to listen to. I had never heard of him before.

    When I listened to the recoding I was blown away - it sounded like music from the '30s or '40s but recorded with more modern technology. I thought "this stuff has either been recoded extremely well in the first place or it had been restored - maybe a combination of both"

    Then I did a little research and discovered that he was a pioneer of recording and a fantastic musician - kind of like Les Paul.

    If you have not listened to this music, I highly recommend it for both musical and technical value

    Check the website raymondscott.com
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    Isn't his stuff great?

    It's clear the guy loved sound and music.

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      Carl Stalling adapted a lot of Raymond Scott's music for the Warner Bros cartoons...this is just one of many familiar Scott compositions that wound up in many Looney Tunes classics.
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        Some of my favorite Raymond Scott covers (including "Powerhouse") are on this CD:



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          His bio is fascinating. Directed his band as he composed then committed parts to the composition when he liked what he heard yet allowed freedom to improvise between the musicians.