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What is the deal with Harmony central press releases?


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  • What is the deal with Harmony central press releases?

    When you go into the actual text of almost all of the press releases on HC's front page. Every text link leads you to an internal Guitar Center Outlook login page.

    Here's an example:

    Click on the link at the last sentence of the press release. This issue has been corroborated by many people I've contacted.

    I notified GC on Thursday, but nothing has changed. New press releases have the same problem. Obviously, the template that they are using is redirecting incorrectly.

    But what is startling is that apparently, NO ONE at HC is clicking on any links after they are uploaded.

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    This is confirmed on a few links I tried, hope they can figure it out.


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      FWIW, this problem has been ongoing for months. There are some links that direct properly, but most have a bad redirect.

      We have brought this up multiple times, but it remains broken. I don't know why it hasn't been fixed, but hope it will be fixed soon.

      The workaround for now is to copy and paste the URL into your browser. Yes, I realize the point of a link is to be able to click on it...
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