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    Does anyone know what the differences between Guitar Rig Player and the other paid versions? I'm trying to help a Forumite in the DIY forum in getting his version running with a Podcast Mic/interface. I'm kind of thinking the free version is severely limited and
    probibly has no recording capibilities. Maybe it runs as a limited plugin, or maybe it runs as a live throughput effect with no recording capibilities?

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    This comparison chart will tell you what you need to know, but basically, you can think of Guitar Rig Player as a rack frame. Guitar Rig Pro has the same rack frame, but it's populated with more modules.

    Player has all the "utilitarian" stuff - tape deck pre, tape deck post, tuner, metronome, etc. Surprisingly (at least to me!) it also has the crossover mix, split, and container tools, as well as ALL the modifiers - LFO, envelope, two two sequencers, and envelope follower (which they call "input," but whatever). Where it's really lacking is in amps, cabinets, and effects.

    Part of this is about making Guitar Rig more about a general purpose processing host, not just something for guitarists. For example you could get the Player, then the optional-at-extra-cost studio processors from Softube without having to pay the $$ for amps and cabs you don't plan to use.

    Does that help?
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      Yes, thanks craig.

      Question. Do you think it has interface hardware limitations?
      He's trying to get it to work with a Podcast Mic.