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they broke into my wifi router again

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  • they broke into my wifi router again

    Oh I hate that !

    Our internet service slowed to a crawl. Then I couldn't even do an ADMIN login, so I had to reset it and set up new passwords. ARGHHH !

    This happens about every 6 months.

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    You need to secure your router. That old WEP protocol is garbage, you should be using WPA-2 at this point. Most wireless routers have the ability to lock access down to specific MAC addresses. My laptop and my wife's laptop are the only 2 MAC addresses that are able to use my wireless service. I guess somebody could clone a hardware MAC address, but it wouldn't be easy or worth it.
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    For the record: Hitler using gas to exterminate his presumed enemies does not equal the use of chemical weapons.
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      I noticed my internet has also slowed to a crawl... Coincidence? or more Trojans at work?

      According to this, out of 38 internet servers in North America, 16 are currently down.


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        #1 - do NOT broadcast your SSID!
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