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  • AutoTune the revolution

    I have a video feed from Tahrir Square in Cairo on right now, during the protests. They are playing an Egyptian song over the PA. And , lo and behold, the vocal is heavily autotuned.

    They are doomed.

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    But Antares Technology clearly is not!
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      I've heard something like that myself. Middle Eastern microtonal singing sounds really odd when auto tuned. I'm guessing that no one has come up with a microtonal grid for Autotune yet.

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        I heard a piece on Morning Edition this morning about how PBS is remixing classic shows (the Mr. Rogers video clip that I think was posted here was one of their examples) and they emphasized that they were "Autotuned." Some were just plain silly, some were just mixed like a modern hip-hop record with extensive use of delays (and autotune to create melodic pitch where there really is none needed).
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