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  • Is it not true that

    given our placement, we really have no choice but to face to face to face with what is the meaning of it all?

    We can speculate and imagine and parallel compare and manufacture through our desires/fears what would comfort us.

    But if we are honest, we have to forget all that and focus on what is real, now, contributing.

    Our blood, our air, our food....

    The latter two responsible for the first.

    The first which we coddle so dearly.

    Why do we?

    Why do we?

    and yet, we come back to having to face the remaining, continuous question yet again as the days goes from start to finish, mostly near finish though.

    And yet ,the answer, every single day gets closer, closer to within reach, closer to existing here amongst us than from with-out.

    Kind of exciting really.
    How does a monkey eat an elephant?

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    Music doesn't exist. It never existed. And it never will. We are just imagining it in our heads, maaaan.
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