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My turn to share some tuneage


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  • My turn to share some tuneage

    Here's one that is just me and an acoustic guitar with 3 mics: 

    One mic on voice, one mic on guitar and a figure-8 out picking up the room.

    I think this was take #18.

    it's called 'Buzzard Bag Rag'.  Enjoy!

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    Some very tasty acoustic geetar going on there, mate 

    smoke - new album
    the mirror - album
    storm - album
    the asylum - forum


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      Thanks Marky!  


      All the other stuff on my Soundclick page is 'full up band' tunes - with drums, bass, rhythm, soloing instruments between verses, with me doing all the instruments (except a buddy plays drums on one of the tunes; 'Bad Woman Blues').

      I thought it'd be interesting to try 'singer/songwriter' mode on at least one of the tunes, and this is what came out of it.