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Who owns your downloaded music after you die?


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  • Who owns your downloaded music after you die?

    Who owns your downloaded music after you die? Definitely an interesting topic. If you paid for it the same as a record or CD then why not?? If you had a record collection, then it would be passed on to your family. Why not a legit mp3 that you bought and paid for? Check out the link below.




    http://musicinit.com/fastfingers.php An Experiment in 80's Technology

    http://youtube.com/techristian My YOUTUBE channel
    Music videos at http://musicinit.com/video.php

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    I will ask to be buried with headphones on and my droid phone music collection streaming into my ears forever (or till the battery runs out).   As far as my hard drive collection, I'll let whoever's still here fight over it if they want.


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      I remember when that Brue Willis thing came up. It convinced to me buy solely hard copy music from now on. As much as i love Apple, they're ridiculous when it comes to iTunes.