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Spectrasonics Omnisphere 1.5 Update


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  • Spectrasonics Omnisphere 1.5 Update

    Omnisphere 1.5 is available now as a free update for all registered users:

    Omnisphere 1.5 Update

    We are proud to announce a major new version of our award-winning Power Synth Omnisphere
    Enthusiasm powers the world.

    Craig Anderton's Archiving Article

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    Polyphonic aftertouch!!!!!! In!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thankfully I still have my Ensoniq TS-10, and it still works
    N E W S O N G ! To Say 'No' Would Be a Crime (Remix) is now streamable from my YouTube channel.

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      Free!!! I'm lovin' that. I need to boogie on over to see if there is anything new for Trilian and Stylus RMX as well. Great company Spectrasonics.


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        no view link


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          I`ve heard so many good things about this software but have not purchased.

          Is it that good? Any negatives?


          • bookumdano3
            bookumdano3 commented
            Editing a comment

            I'm at the point where less is more.  Omnisphere is in the category of more is not enough.

            I have always seen Omnisphere as the king of pads...... 8 billion pads.  More pad sounds than a bazillion human beings could ever want.  And from those 8 billion pads... you can get 1360 billion variations.

            If it were a hardware keyboard in the early 80s, it woulda had 68,000 preset buttons on the front panel.

            I envision Omnisphere as being this massive pad thing where I could spend an hour coming up with one dynamite pad sound after another, only to find..... none of it works in the real-life songs I'm working on. But they sure sound cool on their own.

            Maybe movie guys can use it but for me........ I have to say...............I'm at the point where I need LESS selection of sounds in order to effectively concentrate on the black aural canvas that appears when my eyes close and I'm imagineering the next tune that falls out of the sky.

            Face it.  Musicians are now dangerously fat with sounds.  Sound obesity should be a planetary concern.  On the other hand, If Eric wants to give a copy of Omnisphere to me, I'd sure accept it.


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