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My latest tune is a trance tune

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  • My latest tune is a trance tune

    In the same way that Siberian Khatru is a disco tune:manembarrassed:

    Here it is. Hope you like it. It's called 'Magic Spell'  http://soundcloud.com/songwriter101/magic-spell

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    Let's see you put that on the same album as some of your rock stuff!

    = D

    You seem to have dropped into the IDM bag pretty easily and seem to have a pretty sure grip on the controls. It's easy to get things 'wrong' jumping genre tracks, and leave yourself looking like a stylistic platypus, so this can be appreciated for all the stuff it gets right and perhaps not taken to task for being a step or two back from the fashion-forward edge. And how would you rather go down in History... trendy or timeless?

    Taken along with the lyrics, I think you've managed to get something that works together nicely. There's very much the feel of one of those goggle-eyed pop star paeans to the guru of the moment that were the rage back when I was in college. [cue sitar gliss] 

    But I think it can rise above that interpretation, as well, to work on a level where the irony might get a little more rareified and the yearning for transcendence less easy to laugh off...



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      Thanks, blue

      Your reviews are always most welcome, even though they're rather too cerebral for my little brain to comprehend  :manwink:

      (By the way, I'm no longer on Facebook. I got tired of all the crap on there)  :mansad:

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      • blue2blue
        blue2blue commented
        Editing a comment

        Yeah, I taught myself to write reviews from poring through the review sections of High Fidelity and Esquire when I was a kid. = )


        With regard to FB, I mostly use it to keep in some kind of touch with old 3DW friends I don't see much. Or annoy them with political rants, whatever comes first.