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Extremely subtle recorded events, Part Two: Check this out!


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  • Extremely subtle recorded events, Part Two: Check this out!

    How good are your ears after standing by the Marshall amp at that REO SPEEDWAGON show in 1978?  .png" alt=":smileywink:" title="Smiley Wink" />

    Listening today to one of my favorite records again,    1963's   "On Broadway" by The Drifters  

    Listen starting at time 2:30.    Can you hear the violins screaming in their very highest sopranissimo  range---   we're talking dog-whistle notes here---    playing that syncopated quarter-note figure above the "wall of sound"  ?

    My keyboard shows that this note is an extremely high Bb   (MIDI NOTE:  Bb  6),   adding a 9th scale degree to the overall  bluesy Ab7   chord.

    This note has always eluded me in the previous 5 decades I'd listened to this recording.   .png" alt=":smileysurprised:" title="Smiley Surprised" />

    kewl,  huh?    I'm guessing Jack Nitszche wrote in that note for them to play....     It adds a melancholy,  almost creepy feel (sopranissimo strings are always glassy,  creepy, slightly hackle-raising,    which is why Bernard Herrmann used them for that infamous PSYCHO riff)    to the desperate tone of this song...

    Every paint-stroke takes you farther and farther away from your initial concept. And you have to be thankful for that. Wayne Thiebaud

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