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Avid and Abbey Road Studios "Get Discovered" Music Contest

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  • Avid and Abbey Road Studios "Get Discovered" Music Contest

    Details here:


    And then I have some serious questions about this.

    Avid and Abbey Road are calling this a "remix" contest but they're asking for completed songs or tracks, apparently. I couldn't find anything on the site to suggest otherwise. So, I'm thinking that this basically goes to a "mastering" situation, since this contest is NOT asking for stems.

    That being said, what would be the point of sending in a completed song, when there might not be anything left for them to do with it?

    Here's my situation. I've got a song that I transferred from tape-something I did *years* ago. It's complete-but the only thing I did to it, in post, was to add some reverb-compression wasn't yet in my vocabulary.

    I recorded it at -6 db to a Zoom recorder then flew it into Audacity for a listen. At 0db, it sounded weak so I pumped it up to +9 for better listening. I haven't added compression , so herein lies the question.

    Should I go ahead and add some compression to this to make it seem more finished or should I just turn in the "+9db" ( or maybe less?) version?

    More questions to come, I'm sure.....I appreciate the help and your take on this...