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Craig, Would you consider moving SSS out of HC?


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  • Craig, Would you consider moving SSS out of HC?

    I only started hanging out at HC because SSS moved here from MP.  I hate to complain, but this place is now so bad I'm checking in less, and that's mostly to see if they've kicked all the 15-year-olds off the HC project and got some adults in here to save it. 

    The powers that be are telling themselves, "Don't worry, there's always resistance to change, but the members will get used to it and all come back."

    I don't think so.  HC has royally ****************ed itself big time! 




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    ~Thomas Carlyle

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    Agreed.  It's like stepping back to a 1995 BBS. 

    Tim O'Brien


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      I was running BBSes in 1995, and I assure you, this is far prettier.

      Of course, back in those days, content was king.

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    HC has definitely slowed down but I think that happens with all forums. To "raise the bar", I would suggest having guests from time to time... mixers, MEs, producers, etc... sort of like GS.


    How do you think SSS wil change if its moved?




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      There is so much content in HC overall.  I'm for just waiting this one out.  I don't care all that much about look 'n feel.  If the people are here, it's good.  


      It's like restaurants.  People are attracted to places that are already crowded, and not without reason.  The old SSS place - it was like a restaurant that is closed for repairs constantly, or the city is digging up the sidewalk in front of it about 1/2 the time.  After a while you just give up checking to see if it's open.  We're all too busy for that.


      So now the doors are always open, the place is clean and ready for business and...hello?  hello??? People have lost the habit of dropping by.


      New people will show.  Old timers will drift back around.  The food is still good.  If you miss the interesting conversation at the bar, then just be interesting all by yourself - you'll help draw the crowd.  And call a couple people, ask them to come back around sometime....


      nat whilk ii


      • Anderton
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        Honestly...I'm just waiting this out. We'll see what happens. The restaurant analogy is really spot on. My somewhat less clever analogy is that HC is currently a guitar that hasn't really been set up. The intonation needs to be adjusted, the truss rod needs a tweak, the pole pieces aren't screwed in to the right height, and the crappy strings it shipped with need to be changed.

        Some people will say "this guitar's crap" and return it, others will be willing to wait until they can schedule an appointment with a luthier to get it set up. Others will play it after it's set up, and decide that setup wasn't all it needed. Still others will play it after it's set up, and think "damn, this thing really plays well now."

        I've been doing the forum thing a long time. I can wait a little bit to see what shakes out here. I consider it a real plus that the hardware works. The negatives are, in many cases, fixable; in some cases they aren't, but there are other features we didn't have before that we can now exploit.

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      What am I missing here? I have a browser bookmark that takes me directly to this forum, I read the forum, I go away. What more is there to do? I don't really see anything "Harmony Central" but the name at the top of the screen, which doesn't bother me. Well, OK, something does bother me. When I've written a message, I intuitively click on the left button to post it, and that's the [CANCEL] button. Fortunately, it gives me a warning rather than just deleting what I've spent time writing.

      I'll admit that lately the discussions here haven't interested me very much so I'm in and out in a couple of minutes, but all forums have cycles like that. Sometimes the period of the wave is longer, sometimes it's shorter.

      Somebody has to pay for these things. If Craig were to take this forum private, how would he replace the money he makes from running this forum? He might be able to get a good deal on guitar picks, but he needs to feed his family like all the rest of us.

      By the way, I might be the one responsible for Harmony Central being what it is today (where's my cut?). When I was running a MIDI BBS in the late 1980s through the '90s, I used to go to NAMM shows and post press releases and show reports on my board. Scott Learman was a student at MIT and running the Harmony Central BBS at the time and we used to swap files. I encouraged him to post the press reviews on his board. He was hesitant, thinking it might be a copy right violation, but did it anyway. He managed to sell off his board for a profit. I closed mine with about $20 in the trasury and a Compaq transportable computer..


      "Today's production equipment is IT-based and cannot be operated without a passing knowledge of computing, although it seems that it can be operated without a passing knowledge of audio." - John Watkinson, Resolution Magazine, October 2006
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        I disagree anout the "look and feel" aspect. It isn't important with a forum, as long as the font is big enough and there is enough contrast. The important thing about a forum is the people and the WORDS.  As to navigation, at first it was a bit like (using the restaurant analogy) "Go through the front door. There are 5 doors on your right. Open the second door. You will then go down the stairs where you will find 3 more doors. The dining room is at the last door."



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      Preach it knobs


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        Face palm, right?