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...still no major HALion 4 reviews (?)

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  • ...still no major HALion 4 reviews (?)

    Hey all,

    I bought HALion 4.x back in July 2012, and I'm surprised that the major magazines still haven't covered it (e.g. Keyboard, Sound on Sound, etc). I know it's a "Kontakt world", but HAL 4 is quite an instrument. I don't find it as easy to use as earlier versions (e.g. HAL 1.x and 2.x), but I'm still in the learning phase. I do like the bundled content though (much of it is carry-over to HALion Sonic). 

    I don't know if Steinberg just aren't making it available to reviewers, or if reviewers just aren't that interested. It's strange...




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    After using Logic's EXS24, I've come to the conclusion that Kontakt is KING!

    That's where sample developers are going, because of the scripting available and the ability to deter pirates with NI activation scheme.

    So it's really possible that nobody cares!

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      The first sound library I did, Technoid Guitars, was a HALion library. At the time, it was a somewhat unstable but very capable sampler. I think the Wizoo guys were involved, so when they moved over to Avid, some of the momentum may have been lost.

      E-Mu's X2 was fabulous too, but had the fatal flaw of bit-mapped graphics designed for smaller monitors. When the world when to bigger monitors, it was just about impossible to see what was going on.

      Kontakt is definitely the king of the hill; when Gigasampler left the building Kontakt became even more important. MOTU's MachFive is also a killer sampler, though. It has to "swim upstream" against Kontakt, but it's still very impressive.

      And sometimes people forget just how good Reason's NN-XT sampler is...

      What about HALion do you find particularly compelling, aside from the content?