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Stereo hookup advice: what goes where who what when


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  • Stereo hookup advice: what goes where who what when

    I got some new speakers for my old Teac reference amp and are confused, so I'll post pictures of the connectors.



    Bookshelf speakers:


    Active subwoofer:


    Manual says the amplifier left and right channel outs go to the weird looking "speaker input" thing on the last pic. So if that's the case, where do my main left and right speakers go? Do I need a converter for those RCA jacks because there are no RCA speaker outs on the (bookshelf) speakers?

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    It looks like your ampliefier has left and right speaker outputs, so basically, that's where you connect the speakers. Did your speakers come with a manual? What does it say about the hookup? It looks like there are separate inputs for the woofer and tweeter if you want to bi-amp or bi-wire them, but with speakers like thatthere's usually an internal crossover with a jumper (sometimes it's inside) that you remove if you want to bi-amp them. You need to find out how to connect your speakers to a single output. I took a quick look at the KEF web site in hopes of finding a connection diagram for those speakers, but didn't have any luck. Ask your dealer.

    As far as your subwoofer goes, did it come with a cable that mates with that "Speaker Input" connector? If so, you'd connect the left and right inputs to the same amplifier outputs as you connect the KEF speakers.

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      I don't actually have these in hand yet, but they're on the way....anyway the bookshelf terminals can be joined by turning the black knob, either terminal can then be standard full range. My problem is where do they hook up if the amp speaker outs are already wired to the subwoofer?


      I think I read somewhere that the wiring needs to be doubled up or something...