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    This is where you hang out and talk trash, post jams, rant, or whatever. This is where we will build the hive mind. Thanks!

    RIP: Nite Owl Jazz

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    RIP: Nite Owl Jazz


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      Don't worry, make as much noise as you want...the cops are paid off.

      One of the weirdest parties ever was when, as a teenager, I was in a band that was hired to play a wife-swapping party. Seriously. About halfway through the gig I realized what was going on...but they paid cash, which was a beautiful thing. I think I used the bucks to buy the wood and speakers needed to make a Fender Bandmaster cabinet clone. More power!!

      Then there was the potentially weirder party in college, that had something to do with Andy Warhol. They wanted to hire us but the gig was to play "Walk Away Renee" continuously for four hours. We didn't do it, but in retrospect, we probably should have. We could have invented looping looping looping looping looping.

      Speaking of Andy Warhol, there was Pepper, the Factory Girl who showed up at Steve Paul's Scene during a gig and...naw, I won't go there. Nor will I talk about climbing on top of the bar at the Roxy in Cologne and playing feedback guitar. Oh wait, I just did.

      Parties are fun!! Let's talk about weirdass parties, I'm sure some of you have some stories that are doozies...if not, I have a few more up my sleeve   The one in college where a guy got so drunk he passed out and landed on my pedalboard in such a way as to hit the Astro-Fuzz enable button and generate ear-splitting feedback was, shall we say, interesting.


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    Here's my nomination for 'most creative way to fund a party'

    I remember being room mates with another guitar player named Bizz Bailey when I was single, back in 1978 or so.  He took out an ad in Popular Mechanics classified section that said "Make Money Stuffing Envelopes!  Send $10 and a SASE for details."

    (for you who don't use snail mail, SASE is a self-addressed stamped envelope.)


    So when the letters started coming in, he made copies of this letter and sent it back to each one:

    Instructions for a home business stuffing envelopes:

    1) Take out a classified ad like this: "Make Money Stuffing Envelopes!  Send $10 and a SASE for details."

    2) Mail this letter to everyone who responds to the ad.

    Amazingly enough, he raised about $400 this way, enough cover rent and to pay for a 4 day party binge with crazy young girls, beer kegs, all night jams, roof climbing  and, well, enough said...   You get the idea.