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    Anyone seen it yet? It looks like a piano keyboard built as a touch sensitive table top. It won some prize for innovation at the SWSW Tech show earlier this week. Press releases are non-stop.

    "Today's production equipment is IT-based and cannot be operated without a passing knowledge of computing, although it seems that it can be operated without a passing knowledge of audio." - John Watkinson, Resolution Magazine, October 2006
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    OK. It takes a fair amount to impress me at this point.


    I'm impressed.

    I don't know what's it's like to play (it actually looks like it could be pretty slick once you got used to it) but the ability to control performance parameters from the keyboard (and the gliss strip in front of it) without having to use a wobble wheel or variable pedal looks really sweet -- and intuitive.


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      It appeared (on the 2nd video) that the pitch bends were independent for each note - - That's something I've never seen in a keyboard.   Usually a pitch bend will affect all current notes that are sounding at the moment.   Makes me wonder what the MIDI stream looks like...