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Will UAD-1 plugins work on UAD Apollo Quad

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  • Will UAD-1 plugins work on UAD Apollo Quad

    I have my UAD account with many plugins I have been using with my UAD-1. 
    I have been running it on my old Mac G5. My old UAD plugins are: 
    1176LN, 1176SE, Cambridge EQ, CS-1 Channel Strip, DreamVerb, Farichild 670 Comp, Nigel Multieffect Guitar Proc, Pultec EQP-1A, Pultec Pro EQ, RealVerb Pro, Teletronix LA-2A Classic Levelling Amp.
    I also have an Mac Pro 8-core running OSX 10.6.8, Logic 9 and I am very interested in buying an UAD Apollo Quad to go with it.
    Will these old plugins be available to use (and run well) on a Apollo Quad or not?
    If not, can I upgrade the old plugins to new versions (by downloading newer versions) of them and them use them on a Apollo Quad?
    If not, is there any other way that I can make it work?
    Please explain (A, B, C) how to fix this if so.
    Kind regards,


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    My understanding is that all the UAD-1 plugs will run on the UAD-2 cards, Apollo included, without having to upgrade the old plugs. 


    If you look at the system requirements for the older UAD-1 plug-ins by browsing the UA online store, you'll see under the "Features and Specs" tab for any of the old UAD-1 plugs, that they require "UAD DSP Accelerator Card" which is UA's way of saying the plug will run on either the UAD-1 or the UAD-2, and any Apollo.   This contrasts with what the "Features and Specs" tab says for any of the newer, UAD-2 only plugs, which says clearly that a "UAD-2 or Apollo interface" is required.


    One exception might be if you were running one of the older UAD-1 Mackie cards.  The authorization for the software that comes with the Mackie cards is based on having that particular UAD-1 Mackie card installed in your system.   In other words, the Mackie card also acts like a dongle for the bundled software.   So you can't run Mackie-bundled plugs on any other card without obtaining another authorization.  I have this situation myself.  


    I'm not sure what UA would charge for authorizing a Mackie-bundled plug onto a non-Mackie card - that's a question for UA to answer.


    You can also just email the UA folks with any question you may have - I've always found them responsive.


    nat whilk ii


    • gdoubleyou
      gdoubleyou commented
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      My documentation says UAD-1 devicecs cannot be run on the Apollo, don't know about the other UAD devices.