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    First, hope this isn't in the wrong place, sorry so feel free to delete if it is.  I do NOT work for these guys.... just a heads up.  In the past several of the photogs here have talked about post processing and various plug ins you can get.  Well, we have specifically mentioned the NIK plug ins a number of times.  They were bought by Google and everyone assumed they would tank.  There is a super big sale of them on the NIK site.  A killer deal (IMHO)......so if anyone is interested, head on over there.  This is truly a hard one to pass up if you take photos.


    Again, if this is in the wrong spot, please delete or move with my apologies.

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    What's weird is that a bunch of us who already purchased stuff received a download offer via email to download a bunch of updated Nik Software for free.  It doesn't appear to be a trial or demo either.

    Anyway, I definitely appreciate the heads up, Ray.


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      This was the email:

      "Dear Ken,

      Thanks for being a long-time Nik customer. As a registered owner of one or more of our software products, we are pleased to announce that you are now eligible for a free copy of the new Nik Collection by Google, which includes all six of our award-winning plug-ins for Photoshop, Lightroom, or Aperture.

      To be sure you have the latest version of the Nik plug-ins, click the link below to download the Nik Collection. Your download will begin automatically."