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Do you use any 10-year-old underwear?


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  • Do you use any 10-year-old underwear?

    I bet Ken does

    He doesn't like throwing anything away :smileyembarrassed:


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    I do, but usually for shop rags;   after being laundered of course :smiley-bounce012:



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      MarkydeSad wrote:

      I bet Ken does

      He doesn't like throwing anything away :smileyembarrassed:

      I probably have some underwear that's 10 years old, maybe that silly silk stuff the missus bought me that I never use. 

      My rule of thumb for when to throw away underwear is when I can't tell which were the two original leg holes.

      Too bad software doesn't have leg holes as an obsolescence indicator.

      Sorry if this is TMI, you asked.

      Terry D.

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        I suspect that most of my underwear is more than ten years old, but I make sure to wash it at least once a year. Wash it more often and it'll probably wear out in less than ten years.

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      I think the oldest pair might be about 4 years old.   Usually it's the elastic waistband that goes out first,  getting melted and misshapen in the tumble-dryer.    

      I like to pre-treat my briefs,  strategically,   with one of those bleach pens.

      I have a couple of longsleeved shirts that are 10-years-old now.     I am actually slimmer now than I was 10 years ago-- thank G-d.     Ten years ago I had been put on the nightmare med ,   Depakote.    In the space of 18 months,  I had gained 100lbs   (7.14 stone). 

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        MarkydeSad wrote:

        I bet Ken does

        He doesn't like throwing anything away :smileyembarrassed:

        You've brought up my name in threads about Beck and underwear in the last day, from what I've seen so far!

        I don't think I have any underwear that's ten years old.  The elastic bands seem to give out before then.


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