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Sonar X3 with Melodyne Essential / ARA embedded - what this could mean...

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  • Sonar X3 with Melodyne Essential / ARA embedded - what this could mean...

    Ok, so it looks like Sonar X3 is imminent with Melodyne Essential embedded - along with a deep implentation of the Celemony ARA plugin layer technology.

    Here is something which Noel Borthwick mentioned on one of the forum threads which I found interesting:

    "I would venture to say that the ARA implementation in SONAR goes even further. SONAR support true independent ARA regions - i.e you can make copies of ARA clips and edit them independently. Also the ARA editing and MIDI integration is very deep, with full drag and drop support, and integrated live preview and scrub inside the melodyne editor. Additionally we were careful to not make ARA support exclusive to Melodyne. Any plugin that supports the ARA spec will be available as a region based effect in SONAR, so the implementation is very open.  I worked very closely with the Celemony team all through this year and I have to say that they were a wonderful and committed team of people to work with. There have been many fixes and enhancements to ARA as a result of this collaboration, some of which were included in the last Melodyne update."

    Craig has said in the past that he wished that MIDI score editors / notation programs could be available as plug-ins.

    Does this ARA technology embedded into Sonar and Studio One make this any more likely?

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    Would you care to explain what all that means to someone who knows the kind of functionality that Melodyne is famous for, namely pitch adjustment. What's this ARA of which you speak so highly?

    I know that Studio One has some basic Melodyne functionality. What can you do with what's included with Sonar?

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      From this link: http://www.celemony.com/cms/index.php?id=ara

      "What ARA is

      To make Melodyne simpler and easier to use, we developed ARA Audio Random Access. From a technical standpoint it is a channel of communication through which a plug-in can exchange additional information with a DAW. ARA is not a new plug-in interface designed to compete with the existing ones but simply an optional extension that has to be supported both by the DAW and by the plug-in. ARA requires no separate installation or setup by the user."


      From what I gather, this extension can work with MIDI as well as audio.  My speculation was that since Meloydyne Essential embedded in the up coming X3 was really just an ARA compliant audio editor which could work on audio within Sonar, why couldn't a 3rd party notation provider come up with an ARA compliant notation plug which could act upon the MIDI in Sonar?  Just my speculation based on the information I found.


      And then someone on the Sonar forums posted that Presonus (first DAW to have Melodyne embedded with ARA) purchased Notion (notation software company) 6 days ago.  We'll see what comes of that, but S1 users have been asking for notation functionality with S1.