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Some Young Folks Jammin'


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  • Some Young Folks Jammin'

    Slow Demon


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    I call shennanigans!! They're not jammin' - that was rehearsed!    :smiley-bounce015:


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      Sharp outfit. College jazz band from somewhere?* Not a bunch of schlubbs. I went to a school with an award winning jazz band and these guys would have given our guys a good run, no question. Suspect they might have bested our guys (as I close in on the finale of the performance). Very nice. 

      Rockin' fiddler, too!


      * Went to the YT page. Apparently a regular band or...? Anyhow, sharp outfit.


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        blue2blue wrote:

        Sharp outfit. College jazz band from somewhere?

        They met at North Texas State. They are nominated for a Grammy for this:


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      They can't be jamming. They're all wearing headphones.

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