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    Specifically, an e-Book reader for Windows that can read PDFs and do the e-reader tricks.

    I'm finding more and more documentation and articles that are only available as PDFs. This is a great resource, but I just have the darndest time concentrating on what I'm reading when I have to read it on a computer screen. Some of it is, I suppose, just human nature, but my eyes are getting worse and it's just hard to read a lot of text on a screen. I know I can blow up a PDF, and often do, in order to get the print larger and with better contrast, but by nature, PDFs are intended to look just like the original print document. If it's a full page of 12 point type, blowing it up means having to continuously scroll horizontally as well as vertically, and that's very tiring.

    I've not yet learned to enjoy reading e-books on my tablet, but I really appreciate the trick that the readers can do that incresases the print size and scales the page to fit - a 100 page book might have 400 e-pages, but at least you don't have to scurry left and right across a page to read full lines or see illustrations.

    I did a little searching on line this morning and didn't have much luck finding what I'm looking for.

    1. It has to read a PDF

    2. It has to be able to increase font size and wrap lines to the screen size


    Any suggestions? Plenty of readers will read the bookstore e-Book formats but PDF seems to be elusive. The reader I have on my tablet treats PDFs just like any other PDF viewer and doesn't rewrap lines when expanding the print size.

    Am I looking for the impossible?

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    I tried a few and found that I like Moon+ Reader best of those I tried. I think it's normally $5 but is on sale til the 4th Jan for ~$2.50 apparently.

    One thing: pdfs, despite the word 'portable' in the name, are not always all that portable, compared to typical e-book text. PDFs do not normally have resizable pages, flowing text, etc. In fact, some PDFs are simply scanned bitmaps (you can't even search them for specific text!) but even when they're in text (or text and graphics) format, they can be inflexible compared to the ease of reading/resizing/options in conventional ebook formats. While a tablet would be handy for portability reasons, the PDFs might actually be easier to read on the desktop screen.

    Frankly, I don't find my tablet to be much of a replacement for much of anything on the desktop. Aside from the portability/convenience -- not bad for curling up with a movie or book under the covers on a cold night --  it's pretty much always a second best for everything else. Tablets are for people who don't do anything except passively consume.


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      Yeah, I think I'm asking the impossible, or asking for on-line publications to be in another format besides PDF, and I happen to like PDFs most of the time. I only started thinking about this when I got wind of a web site with a lot of PDF-scanned issues of dB Magazine on line and I tried to read through a couple of them, with much difficulty.

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