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    Here are three song that I produced with Larry Green. Sort of Old Skool R-n-B. Also played guitar on some tracks.


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      booshi -- where's your music? I like what I've heard in the past... c'mon... you've been being so generous listening to the rest of us... Dish it up!

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        I liked the majesty and emotiveness of Bill's "Behind Blue Eyes" interpretation. It really shows, I think, a keen understanding of the song's emotional undercurrents. The impressionistic time worked overall, I think... I liked the urgency of the, uh... accelerandi (the speedups, as we used to say in my old punk bands).

        "Light the Fuse" (which I already have in my personal mp3 collection) has got a lot of great guitar elements in it. There's some guitar intellectualism (I'm thinking) in there that shows a keen harmonic intuition/understanding. But, at 6'36", I think it's evocative of some of the challenges that face 'all-guitar' instrumentals... EVEN with all that brainiac playing

        In some ways, I think the confines of some of the formal decisions work really well to set up the 'freak-out' in the middle of the song and I didn't lose sight of the fact that the formalist experimentalism didn't stop there. But... that was kind of the emotional/intellecutal high point and it was just about halfway through, leaving me looking at my watch a couple times toward the end of the show. (With regard to guitar harmonies in general... I burned out on them in the 70s and that part of my brain never grew back. But, yeah, I have a couple in my catalog, too. They're so interesting when you're doing them... )

        And I LOVE those bends, Bill. You really weave together some interesting elements.

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          A year and a half of record mixing, re-recording, re-mixing, and moving from bed room to basement to bedroom to mom's van uhg.

          But I'm more than happy with the end result. Hopefully you guys dig on this stuff too.




          can't wait to check out you guyses stuff later!

          Joseph K Murphy
          Music for the human heart, Murkádee


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            Originally posted by Jimbroni

            Another vote for bunny. Good stuff.

            Blue, I'm totally impressed with you're repetoire and the mixes are very well done.

            You guys make me embarassed to post my stuff, but here it is.

            Mercury Catfish

            Go on.

            Mercury Catfish totally rocks.

            I'm listening to "Fifth Wheel"... great feel... the spacey little bass solo sets up the finale so well... I'm on my feet. (Well, actually I'm on my ass but, in my head I've got both hands in the air and I'm spilling my O'Doull's all over the cute little southern girl in the tank top next to me.

            "Miles of Space" is... oh... about as different from "Fifth Wheel" as I could imagine. I was wondering about the name but not once the drums came in... and my word, that bass is, oh what was that slang phrase? Oh yeah, funky as hell. And a wild change-up, too.

            Love the elemental, funky guitars, the slide work, and the jazzy keyboards running through everything.

            Love to see Mercury Catfish in a small club... I'd like to get to know the little Southern girl in the tanktop next to me in my imagination... "Fifth Wheel" could be our song...


            I really liked G-Dub and Larry Green's production, "Time"... old skool is my skool... great little song, lots of nice musical and production touches.

            One thing, though, on my rig it sounded like it had a couple of 'holes' in the bass. Wasn't that there wasn't bass there, but it didn't have the smooth steady, basketball-in-the-chest Spinners-type bass that I want from this kind of song... I'm thinking if you put it on a spectragraphic display you'd see some uneveness at the bottom. I used to get mixes like that when I was mixing on some JBL 4311's in a bad room. Without realizing it, I was compensating for the uneveness of my monitoring setup/environment.) Anyhow, if I didn't dig the song so much, I wouldn't go on...

            "Come Get This Love"... a little boudoir R&B... more smooth performances, fine arrangement. But, again, some more or less easy to fix issues with the bass... I'm thinking this wasn't mixed in the same room as the first (or it was mixed with a different sized entourage )... I'm really enjoying the sax and singing and overall groove. I feel like dressin' up and goin' out... (One thing, this mp3 ends a bit abruptly. Might want to ease that fade a little slower.)

            I'm so mellow now...


            MORE insufferably irresistable pop, this decidedly downhome/outsider: "Sunshine Cherry" by Murk

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              Wow, thanks Blue2Blue

              I know "Fuse" runs long, but the whole thing is really an experiment in orchestration. Looking down the pipeline, I got a lot of good techniques ironed out by doing all that line writing and overdubbing. The next batch of more accessible material will have some stuff going on

              I have to spend some download time catching up with what everyone is posting.
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                Bunny, I love your stuff. I kinda agree with Ted that I'd shorten up the break in Lovely Day. Lemon Frosting was great.

                Ted, your cover of Walk Away Renee is better than I remember the original. Very cool.

                I'll try to listen to more as I can.

                Here's a couple of me and the band:

                Killin' Floor -


                Lonesome One

                You Didn't Have To Leave Me
                Pontiac Blues Band Home Page
                Today's Sample Song - You Didn't Have To Leave Me


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                  Paul, if you ever make your way to Detoit I know the perfect Blues Bar for you guys. Nancy Whiskey's. Its a hole in the wall, but the best blues bands in Detroit play there and you guys would tear it up. Its not hard to get a gig there, just alot of experience old cats hang out and sit in. Show up on the right night and you might see Benny Reeve's, Martha Reeves brother sing muddy waters like you like never heard it before.

                  Blue, thanks for the listen and confidence boost man. You should be music journalist, your comments and critiques are spot on and eloquent.

                  And Thanks for the southern girl image in my head. We may have to stick to tradition and get in bar fight over that though.


                  I've complimented you on Behind Blue Eyes in the past at MP, but many others have heard it since as it is in my Itunes playlist. I should tell you that you've gotten alot of good feedback. My guitar player loves it. Of course he's a Gilmour freak.
                  Fusion Tycoon

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                  Mercury Catfish


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                    Thanks Sean, Boosh, Blue Nine, Jimbroni, and Paul. You guys and Ted just made my month! Let's just say your positive feedback came at a really good time.

                    I've been listening to GeoffonTour's stuff on MySpace. Very nice!

                    I listened to Sean's (sventvkg's) music on MySpace the other day and really enjoyed it. I remember downloading some of Sean's MP3s before, when he posted it on the old MP SSS - that stuff was great, too. Always the high quality from Sean.

                    I'm going to listen to more of everyone's music as soon as I can.


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                      I'm listening to "10,000 Years" by blue2blue right now and like the song and feel a lot.
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                        It's clear from my post count that I don't say very much but I do look in every day 'cos it's fun to see you guys and gals having fun.

                        Anyway, it seems there's a place for covers here so this is one I had some fun with. Cheers.


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                          I'm having trouble getting the elevenshadows.com website!



                          "Place" is glossy and accomplished, blending pop elements from the last couple decades and from a number of pop genres with aplomb -- a smooth and accomplished production.



                          Rock journo... the path not taken.

                          I actually got a full-year scholarship in journalism (unfortunatley to Pepperdine, which was still lmany years away from the big right wing pot of gold that moved them from bizarro-podunk Bible college to ultra-slick neocon breeding ground)... but when I went to LB State, the scholarship turned into a $75 credit at the bookstore. (Year of college at Pepperdine or 75 bucks worth of books. I think I made the right choice.)

                          Anyhow, by then, I had other things on my mind. BUT I tore myself away from the quest for hippy girls long enough to take a semester of journalism... all I wanted to do was write reviews and get in free to shows. But the faculty advisor had this nutty idea that I should be their Academic Senate beat reproter. And, looking back, that was clearly where the action was, and the one big piece I did was my best work of the semester and earned me my A... but it pissed me off that he wouldn't give me a spot in the feature department so I refused to write any more political stories. I was, you know, kind of an idiot.

                          Anyhow, within the next few years I started getting REALLY sick of rock writers in general and the Rolling Stone crowd in particular... ironically, I continued reading that rag for political coverage until that went south, too...

                          Where I really honed my reviewing skills was on the BB's at the old Mp3.com... now THERE were some challenging reviews to write -- while keeping things positive and encouraging, anyhow. (I feel like I can treat YOU guys like adults... that wasn't always the case there.) Anyhow, thanks for the kind words.

                          I think it's a lot of fun hearing the music from all our BB friends, here.

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                            Great topic.

                            I've just been listening through the stuff posted so far and I like what I hear. It's great to hear the variety.

                            Anyway, here's mine


                            It's just started so there are only a couple of tunes at the moment but there will be pics and biog soon!


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                              Here's some of my crap, found in the soundclick link. Some jazz-rock fusion, some jazz-funk, some R&B stuff.
                              Soul On Tap
                              The Coupe De Villes
                              Chris Beard Band

                              current gear list:
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