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Pussy Riot members to be released from jail ahead of schedule


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  • Pussy Riot members to be released from jail ahead of schedule


    ...along with 30 Greenpeace activists. I guess holding the Olympics in Russia has some fringe benefits

    BTW the "A Punk Prayer" documentary on Pussy Riot (it shows on HBO from time to time IIRC) is pretty interesting. It walks the fine line between showing that Pussy Riot were actually pretty obnoxious on some levels along with the heavy-handed way the Russian government dealt with the situation.

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    Putin's Stalinism Lite is profoundly worrisome. It looks like he and his cohort have been laying the foundation for a return to old style Russian quasi-fascistic dictatorship. The foot in the boot changes. But it stays on the throat of the people. (To paraphrase an old expression.)


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      I need to see this documentary...
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        rasputin1963 wrote:
        I need to see this documentary...

        Yes, you do...it's very interesting. It seems like it was pretty even-handed, pretty much just laying it all out and letting viewers decide what they thought of both the group and the way their case was handled.

        Here's a link for more info.