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  • Post your favorite all time lyric!

    do it here, and explain us why do you like that lyric so much.
    He is a street walkin cheetah. grrr.

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    "Let me make you a present of song
    While the wise man breaks wind and is gone" -Ian Anderson, from "Thick As A Brick".

    Just a really great musician's statement.

    Anyone who is disturbed by the idea of newts in a nightclub is potentially dangerous. - Frank Zappa


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      "See a sweet in floral prints,
      my mind begins the arrangements" - Rivers Cuomo, Pink Triangle

      It just flows...or something.

      "Driving home the sky accelerates,
      and the clouds all form a geometric shape" - Flaming Lips, I shouldn't lend CD's to friends

      It creates a really weird mental image.
      Let's set our hair afire!


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        "and everything under the sun is in tune
        but the sun is eclipsed by the moon"

        I feel this way all of the time.
        free yourself from yourself


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          "I had a friend once, who took some acid,
          now he thinks he's a fire hydrant," TOOL, Gaping Lotus Experience

          No particular reason I like this so much. There are just so many lyrics I like, that my favorites are constantly changing, and I thought this was interesting and sarcastic enough to be noncommital
          Use you brain, or else I will


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            "What say you and I get normal. It don't have to be so formal. Throw away our pot and acid, spend a week in Lake Placid."
            --Martin Mull

            Just makes me smile


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              "Tears of sadness for you
              more upheaval for you
              reflects a moment in time
              a special moment in time
              yeah we wasted our time
              we didn't really have time
              but we remember when we were young"

              "Insight' by Joy Division

              I like this lyric because it is emotional yet restrained. I also like how he isn't afraid to end 4 lines with the word 'time.' He didn't force himself to find something else that ryhmes.


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                i like Bob Dylans "Positively 4th Street".


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                  Do something about your long filthy hair
                  It looks like a rats nest
                  Do something about your mullet
                  Get out the hair clippers, jerk.

                  Cut the mullet
                  Cut the mullet
                  Cut the mullet
                  Cut the mullet

                  Get the rats nest off your head
                  Get that crazy ass mullet off your skull
                  Take yo' ass to the barber shop
                  Tell the barber that you're sick of looking like an ****************************.

                  - Wesley Willis
                  I WANT A 5150.

                  tell me if you're selling one.


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                    "I've eaten from the insane root that imprisons reason" -Scott Ian
                    True tone comes from the guitarist not the guitar


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                      The Innocence Mission- Rooftop

                      I hope you are on your rooftop now,
                      in the sun, in the middle of five hundred flowers,
                      and the warm wind blows your scarf straight out,
                      flying like a flag.
                      I hope you are on your rooftop now.

                      It's very simple- almost childlike, but there's something I really love about these lyrics.


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                        Suede - "Another No One" off the Sci-Fi Lallabies album...my favorite album ever.

                        This is thee end.
                        The final showdown.
                        This is thee end.
                        Of or small love.
                        You'll have to find another real love.
                        Who will take the **************** like I do.
                        I'm not in here with you. Your in here with me.


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                          "Be leary of Timmothy, clear light and all that, if you want light go stare at the sun, hell that boy don't know crap!"

                          -Neil Fallon of Clutch

                          I like the word play and I like the message
                          --- Double Planet ---


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                            As Anthony said to Cleopatra, as he opened a crate of ale...
                            Some girls are bigger than others
                            Some girls are bigger than others
                            Some girls' mothers are bigger than other girls' mothers

                            Always makes me laugh. Which is not something many people can say about Morrissey and The Smiths.
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                              silent scenes in motion means/
                              i'll wake you when we're there/
                              (whoa, sing softly)
                              time, it seems, in broken dreams/
                              to sleep beside the stair/

                              -phish, billy breathes

                              it was one of the first songs i ever really loved, and the whole style of the album has stuck with me, no matter what kind of music i've gotten into or made.
                              Originally posted by preservation
                              master the sound of eating wet cigarettes

                              Irony is dead (would you help me move the body?)