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what's your Favorite song from the 90's for the lyrics?


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  • what's your Favorite song from the 90's for the lyrics?


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    incubus - The Warmth (it was on Make Yourself, made in 99, so it's in the 90's )

    I'd like to close my eyes and go numb
    but there's a cold wind coming from
    the top of the highest high-rise today.

    It's not a breeze cause' it blows hard.
    Yes and it wants me to discard
    the humanity I know, watch the warmth blow away.

    Do you think I should adhere
    to that pressing new frontier?
    And leave in my wake a trail of fear?

    Or should I hold my head up high
    and throw a wrench and spokes by
    leaving the air behind me clear?

    Don't let the world bring you down.
    Not everyone here is that ****************ed up and cold.
    Remember why you came and while you're alive
    experience the warmth before you grow old.


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      probably something from the pumpkins
      anyone can play guitar and they won't be a nothing anymore


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        Originally posted by Rage Bass Dude

        The song Afterlife with Gamma Ray from the Land Of The Free album has my favorit lyric. The song is dedicated to Ingo Switchenburg who played the drums before he tock his own life.
        Take Care friends!


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          "I Cannot Stand" by Stuck On Seven

          In the non-obscure category, probably "Grind" by Alice In Chains.
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            Probably be something from five for fighting. I love that guy's lyrics.
            After I heard System of a Down, I thought, I'm actually alive to hear the sh**iest band ever. Of all the bands that have gone before and all the bands that'll be in the future, I was around when the worst was around - Noel Gallagher


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              Dashboard confessional - brillant dance

              i love this guys lyrics sooo much!

              "so this is odd
              a painfull realisation that all has gone wrong and
              nobody cares at all

              so you buried all your lovers clothes
              and burnt the letters lover wrote
              but it doesnt make it any better
              does it make it any better
              and the plaster dented from your fist
              in the hall where you had your first kiss
              reminds you that the memories will fade

              so this is strange
              a side stepping has come to be
              a brillant dance
              where no body leads at all

              and the picture frames are facing down
              and the ringing from this empty sound
              is defening and keeping you from sleep
              and breathing is a foreign task
              and thinkings just too much to ask
              and your mesuring your minutes by a clock thats blink eights

              well this is incredible starving insatiable
              yes this is love for the first time
              well you liked to think that you were invincible
              well wernt we all once before we felt loss for the first time
              well this is the last time
              this is the last time
              this is the last time "

              i think one of the best things about the song is the way he repeats "this is the last time" several times over at the end implying that though everytime you think its the last time its going to happen again and again ...well atleast thats what i read from it

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                I'd have to say Paranoid Android or Let Down by Radiohead
                "pink moon gonna get ye all..."


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                  'VINTAGE WHINE' - SKYCLAD

                  I'll play Bacchus for the evening,
                  Pray, be seated, take your places
                  Should my manna seem displeasing,
                  Offend your airs and graces,
                  I've a list long as your arm,
                  (The connoisseur's selection)
                  Such bitter whines -a quaff of qualms,
                  Awaiting your inspection

                  The bubbles burst - this ain't sham-pain
                  I've watched hopes wither on the vine
                  The fruits of labours toiled in vain
                  I reap sour grapes at harvest time.

                  Anno 1999 - a classic year for Vintage Whine.

                  CHORUS :

                  Since it's drawn - I must sup the cellarage of sorrow
                  Yet fate refills my tarnished cup each time I drain the dregs
                  Their poison cannot kill me - new strength from it I'll borrow
                  My maudlin is a caudle that would fill a thousand kegs

                  Here's one for the road - afore ye go
                  Drink deep sweet lads and lasses
                  Those blighted crops you gladly sow
                  Shall one day fill your glasses
                  Brood for decades - pure hate distilled
                  Then bottled up much longer
                  Revenge - a draught I'll serve you chilled,
                  When time has made it stronger

                  Non-cordial - it's bile bouquet
                  Laments ferment the patience schnapps
                  Cask full of mulled futile dismay
                  My well-aged-rage - you 've turned the taps

                  Anno 1999 - a classic year for Vintage Whine

                  Since it's drawn - I must sup the cellarage of sorrow
                  Yet fate refills my tarnished cup each time I drain the dregs
                  Their poison cannot kill me - new strength from it iI'll borrow
                  My maudlin is a caudle that would fill a thousand kegs

                  Anno 1999 - a classic year for Vintage Whine
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                    Dollskin by Toadies off of the "Hell Below Stars Above" album.


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                      "Then SHe Did" by Jane's Addiction, 1991


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                        Lithium by Nirvana.

                        You know... "I'm so happy cause today I found my friends etc yeah yeah yeah.."
                        it's an anthem.
                        He is a street walkin cheetah. grrr.


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                          Some of Guns 'n Roses...


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                            I guess not too many people are really going to identify this artist as a 90's touchstone but he did put out about a zillion albums during the decade. I'm talking about John Darnielle; aka the Mountain Goats. In my opinion, the finest lyricist I've yet encountered. To truly understand their beauty one has to hear them married to the actual music but I'll post a few choice offerings from his 90's catelog.


                            streak the windows.
                            smear the walls with coconut oil, yeah.
                            fill a cast iron kettle with water and magnolia blossom.
                            let it boil.
                            let the water roll.
                            let the fire take its toll.
                            i'm coming home.
                            i'm coming home.

                            dust off the idols.
                            give them something to eat.
                            i think they're hungry.
                            i know i'm starving half to death.

                            i know you're waiting.
                            i know you've been waiting for a long long time.
                            and i'm coming home.
                            i'm coming home.

                            set the table.
                            those three extra places --
                            one for me,
                            one for your doubts,
                            and one for god.

                            let the incense burn in every room.
                            feel the fullness of time in the empty tomb.
                            feel the future kicking in your womb.
                            i'm coming home.
                            i'm coming home.

                            Weekend in Western Illinois

                            the land's opening up like a blanket,
                            and the dandelions spread themselves thickly out
                            along the fields, which are, evidently, endless;
                            and we are hotly in love with one another.
                            we've got an unquenchable thirst in our throats.
                            we are, for some reason, all the time, bleeding,
                            and we are friendless.

                            but we love these dogs that roll on the lawns here in galesburg --
                            because they seem to know something nobody else knows.
                            it is written on the smiles on their faces,
                            and it rings in their high young voices
                            and we are burning up all of our choices up here
                            where the tall grass grows, up here in galesburg.

                            the sky's opening up like an old wound,
                            and the rain on our bodies is warm tonight
                            and the ground underneath us shakes in the cracking thunder.
                            and we can taste fresh blood in our mouths again:
                            there is no chance of getting enough of it,
                            and we tally up all our possessions, and we're going under.

                            but we love these dogs that loll in the rain here in galesburg
                            as the new season rocks them in its terrible arms.
                            yeah they howl as though the world were ending,
                            and we are watching the sky unwinding
                            and some of our promises were binding up here where our dreams take form
                            up here in galesburg.
                            In 1984 I was hospitalized for approaching perfection...


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                              "Waters Edge" by 7Mary3.