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  • everyone add a lyric

    i thought i washed away those memories

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    that terrorized me to the maximum


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      but they turned out to be a permanant stain


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        it's yur birfday
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          now, come on and wipe your ass
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            on my innocent thoughts of the past
            bereft of reason
            pondering the suiside of kings
            alone with my innocense
            waiting quietly for anything
            ~bryce sharp


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              well we've got it to the chorus


              on my innocent thoughts of the past- that could be a chorus we just need another line or 2 to finish the chorus

              now what?

              and what kind of band do you see covering our song?

              and if any you fools try to rip off our song and get famous, you gotta give props/royalties the this HC Crew that is involved


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                "my innocent thoughts of the past"

                conspire against the truthful lies we had


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                  ...and stuff...
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                    Originally posted by randallnm
                    but they turned out to be a permanant stain

                    this inkling of pain
                    has arisen to a tidal wave of pure hatred
                    hatred for the lies ive been fed
                    hatred for the tears ive shed.

                    will i be be able to salvage my soul?
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                      i love how someone actually continued on an rhymed with ass
                      Originally posted by slashjimipage

                      ...do the trees ever hug you back?

                      Originally posted by ANTILIFE
                      Albums used to be journeys... now they are more like a cheap one night stand with 3 months of the clap thrown in.


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                        Originally posted by PurpleCheeseBox
                        it's yur birfday

                        funniest thing i have ever heard!
                        John Michaels in the lost forest of New York


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                          But lets forget all that...


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                            and wade through the shat


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                              Nice optimistic lyric we got going here, hehe.

                              I've got my boots on and a shovel
                              By 60 I'll be seeing double.
                              My new CD is coming! Wahoo!