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Marketing advice, please - I'm stuck!


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    Originally posted by Delmont View Post
    Thanks, guys! That helps, too. As you can tell, I have more confidence in the quality of the songs themselves than in my singing - including my ability to remember words on stage. I'm one of those people who even forgets his phone number and debit card PIN sometimes.

    So in the short run, I'll take your advice and keep on doing my own singing. Long-term, I'm still hoping to give and sell songs to other artists to cover. That's the part I'm trying to figure out - and your suggestions help!
    Those are good songs -- kind of like David Bromberg meets the Grateful Dead. Like some others stated, you need to bring the vocals forward a bit. As far as getting other artists to cover your songs, I think you need to find artists who already play that style of music who are looking for songs. I'm in the same boat, although you are a much better singer and musician. And I can't remember lyrics, either.

    Good luck!