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Downtempo Electronic Raggae "Fear of Weather"

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  • Downtempo Electronic Raggae "Fear of Weather"

    lemmee know what you think . . . 06-14-mister-natural-fear-of-1
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    I had to listen hard to hear a reggae/raga/dance hall angle in this, but nomenclature and syncopation aside, I thought it had an agreeable if nonconfrontational mid-80s UK Eno-esque electropop vibe. I couldn't put my finger on it, but the frequently repeated title phrase kept trying to tug some half-remembered 80s something or other back to mind. Not fear of music... but scared of something.

    At any rate, I thought it had a nice, retro vibe and was an entirely enjoyable, if moody, way to spend a couple minutes.
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      Nice tune Mr Natural. I do hear the "on the two and four" vaguely reggae-ish synth chord which as blue says, takes one back a ways.

      The low electric guitar....the timbre doesn't seem to fit in the mix to my ear - like a sample dropped in that needs tweaking or doubling or layering or more definition or something cause it's a big statement in the tune - a very good idea I think, but it's not stark enough or something.

      A Thomas Dolby fan perhaps?

      nat whilk ii


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        Enjoyable vibe, nice tune. Very pleasurable.
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          Write something...thank you for the feedback gents !
          - Nat, re: bass guitar line - that's my acoustic/electric bass guitar box that I love to play but, for whatever reason, never sits in the mix very well. It's maybe time to break-down and get a real Fender bass.
          - yeah, I'm a famous fan of Mr Dolby (aren't you?) - cool reference but I think that tune is seven times creepier than mine :=)
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            I like this. The guitar-like synth warble before the fourth "scared of weather" in the intro is fantastic. I'd use that a bit more. Coming in with your verse immediately after that repeated Scared of Weather motif feels a bit too abrupt. Your building something that I think should take it's time more. So what happens if you use that guitar warble as a little breather back-and-forth between something else for 4 to 8 bars? Then when you do come in for your first verse why not strip it back and make it more stark. Wake me up! A distorted synth siren screaming behind that verse? Sound an alarm! I think I like your fuzzed out acoustic bass, that works in an indie rock sort of way. It's stark. As the tune progresses there are a lot of good ideas but you're losing some of that cool starkness. I'd trim back some of the excess and really hone in on a few elements that make it work. Keep it quirky and cool and figure out who the stars are for each section particularly as you build the tune. And I couldn't help thinking that the voice would benefit from some more extreme processing. You're singing well but this tune seems to want some sort of otherworldly narrator. The verse, the layered on thick with cool effects, still feels a bit pedestrian vocally. A resonant filter? Some cool, over-the-top, Autotuneisms? But I dig it. Nicely done.
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              Lee - great comments, great freaking feedback - love the "alarm" idea - perhaps a tornado warning !

              the contest I'm working with this piece with require (@KVR) 3 minute run time with NO excess over. I'd love to S T R E T C H it a bit more. I'd love to draw-out the vocals with layers and creepy "naration". Again, thanks for the excellent feedback
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                Nice composition..Love to hear it..


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                  Neat vocals! Very trippy. The musical break at the end definitely kept me interested and warranted a second listen. As a whole- I like the unpolished feel and i felt that the song could have gone on for an additional 5 minutes and I would have been fine listening to it the entire way through.