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desert island records: your top ten


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    1. Bon Jovi - Keep The Faith
    2. Bon Jovi - New Jersey
    3. Def Leppard - Hysteria
    4. Steelhouse Lane - Slaves Of The New World
    5. FM - Tough It Out
    6. Giant - Time To Burn
    7. Giant - Last Of The Runaways
    8. Hardline - Double Eclipse
    9. Van Halen - Van Halen I
    10. Seventh Key - The Raging Fire

    probably those at the minute...
    "Stick To Your Guns"
    "Keep The Faith"

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      all i need is unearth the oncoming storm


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        First Post.

        No particular order....

        1. Definitley Maybe - Oasis
        2. Just Enough Education To Perform - Stereophonics
        3. Ten - Pearl Jam
        4. Back in Black - ACDC
        5. Stanley Road - Paul Weller
        6. Rage Against The Machine - RATM
        7. Revolver - The Beatles
        8. Complete Stone Roses - The Stone Roses
        9. Highway 61 Revisited - Bob Dylan
        10. Melting Pot - The Charlatans

        Lets just hope someone in the shipwreck has a CD player....

        wouldn't it be easier just to grab your Ipod?


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          Forget the cd's, can I take my guitar instead?




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            Just give me a Gov't Mule CD and A John Denver CD.....

            After listening to the John Denver I would be so thankful that I had the Mule I wouldn't need anything else.
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              Originally posted by Twisted Logix
              Just give me a Gov't Mule CD and A John Denver CD.....

              After listening to the John Denver I would be so thankful that I had the Mule I wouldn't need anything else.

              Living up to your moniker, eh?
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                David Sylvian-Secrets of the Beehive
                The Beatles- 65 or Rubber Soul
                Japan- Excorcising Ghosts
                This Mortal Coil-Blood
                The Streets- A grand don't come for free
                The Kinks-Village green preservation society
                Talk Talk-Colour of Spring
                Nick Drake-Pink Moon
                Peter Gabriel-So
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                  Originally posted by Chicken Monkey

                  Living up to your moniker, eh?

                  lol. Yeah I guess so.
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                    1. Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon
                    2. Hendrix - Electric Ladyland
                    3. SRV - Texas Flood
                    4. BB King - "King of the Blues" boxed set Disc 3
                    5. Lucinda Williams - Essence
                    6. Bob Marley - "Legends" boxed set Disc 3
                    7. Hendrix - Band of Gypsies
                    8. Allman Brothers - Live at the Fillmore East
                    9. Tool - Aenima
                    10. Miles Davis - Bitches Brew
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                      i can't pass this **************** up either.

                      beck - sea change
                      black sabbath - volume 4
                      the black crowes - amorica
                      mazzy star - so that tonight i might see
                      rush - moving pictures
                      led zeppelin II
                      the who - who's next
                      derek and the dominoes - layla and other assorted love songs
                      the beatles - revolver
                      rolling stones - exile on main st.


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                        Originally posted by dsylvianfan

                        Oh yeah!
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                          Pink Floyd


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                            Originally posted by moledog

                            beck - sea change

                            Wow, really? That's one of my favorite albums too, but I don't often see it get much respect.
                            I am therefore I think!