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Pro tip from Chicken Monkey re: HCSWF use


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  • Pro tip from Chicken Monkey re: HCSWF use

    I'm not a pro songwriter, but I've been on the forum for almost 10 years. Here's what I wish I'd known:

    Put your song title in the thread title! I had to write a paper today, and was therefore going through all my old demos and re-listening. When a song I've forgotten about seemed to show promise, I could search thread titles in the forum for the song title, and never came back with more than one page of responses. This allowed me to review what others thought about the submission at the time I wrote it, and is giving me a head start on getting into the headspace to edit or finish them.

    On the other hand, for earlier songs I'd like to revive, I don't have much hope in finding the thread titled, "Here's a space-jazz tune about interpersonal communiciation" or "What do you think of THIS one?" or whatever I called the thread back then.

    Hope this is helpful.
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    It's a solid idea. Some enterprising moderator ought to incorporate it in the Guidelines/Resources thread.

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      Good point.

      I think I've usually done that, but now that you bring it up I'm not 100% sure.

      I'll definitely keep it mind from now on.
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        That IS a good idea and I'm pretty sure I'm guilty of almost never doing it!


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          I always put titles unless I don't have one. That is another reason why I often post a "phase 2" thread - to get one with the proper name of the song in the title.
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            I search thread titles all the time. Sometimes the only copy of a lyric might be here at this forum, cause it was written on the forum itself. Then I go on to something else and forget about it then remember and... oops. Search.

            Solid tip, CM.
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              You're putting a lot of faith in the HC search feature being functional.
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                I use Google instead of the BB search as a rule. Although the BB search is good for stuff like viewing a given user's posts in order, and such.

                Google has -- quite oddly, seems to me -- made it a bit harder to find the advanced search page -- I literally had to google for it -- but you can restrict your search to a single domain.

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