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  • Singer-Songwriter competition

    This sounds pretty good. Thought I'd pass it along here.

    "Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a look at the American Indian" — Henry Ford

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    Anybody from here ever enter something like this?


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      Anybody from here ever enter something like this?

      If you are a singer-songwriter, this is the real deal. Hope this helps you.
      "Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a look at the American Indian" — Henry Ford


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        Submissions will be ranked through the use of WHOOZNXT, a leading digital music company that tracks an artist's fan growth across top social networks and music portals. All artists who enter will be ranked based on their online fan growth during the first round. In the second round, the top-ranked 140 artists will be reviewed personally by Grammy Winning producer John Shanks who will handpick 10 finalists to perform live at the Hotel Caf


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          VERY true.
          All things must pass...


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            Contests are done to make money for the people putting them on. Period.

            This one is a little different, but most of them, of course, have entry fees that charge anything from $15 to $75 and even more. It takes time and effort to listen to songs, they tell you. And, as folks who have given thoughtful criticism on songs here or in other workshop type environments will likely attest, that's true. But these folks are not writing critical analyses, they are moving through virtual stacks of tunes and vids and, as quickly as possible, giving simple up or down votes. And the people doing the screening are almost never the industry celebs who sell their name/image/endorsement to these things, they're typically interns or temp workers.

            And if you want a real hoot, just listen to some of the winners from these things.

            Now, this contest is free. So that's good. Although you have to join this WHOOSNXT thing. But the real payload here is giving them access to and tying together all your social media which seems to be the primary motivation for the contest, besides publicity and free mentions in magazines and blogs.

            Last year they say they had 17,000 submissions. (Nice odds, eh? They count on the Cinderella Complex that runs deep in many musician/songwriters. We're all just waiting for folks to find out what geniuses we are, right? We just need 'the right break.')

            Those were 17,000 aspiring musicians who think they have a shot at the big time and are likely to keep shelling out money for music gear they hope will give them an edge or services they think will give them access to the business.

            That's a big payload of potential customers -- and all their social media friends/connections -- delivered up to a potentially wide variety of businesses that make their money off selling musician's dreams back to themselves and who will pay good money to get a confirmed list of tens of thousands of aspiring musicians committed enough to jump through these hoops and give up these personal connections in order to compete with tens of thousands of other aspiring musicians. What we used to call a sucker list when I was in marketing.

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