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  • Yesterday's News

    This one is not a song I'm particularly happy with, but wanted to put it out there anyway for suggestions.

    For anyone interested, I have taken a bit of "musical liberty" with the lyrics and they are not to be taken 100% literally, but despite this, the song is for anyone else out there who was informed in a song that their services in a relationship were no longer required.

    Yesterday's News


    You didn
    All things must pass...

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    You may want to post this at the other site. See Andertons memo at the top of this site.


    • graceslick
      graceslick commented
      Editing a comment

      Thank you, Bee.

      I could NOT find this section of the forums until I went to the other alternative forum and noticed the link! How crazy.

      Anyway, this song sucks. lol. But oh well.