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  • The Corner of the Bed

    I've posted this on the alternative forum too, but just for the sake of being thorough, here it is on the snazzy new forum as well. To all the lovely folks who have replied on the other forum, thank you!


    The Corner of the Bed

    These purple pills keep the crazy safely downstairs
    All things must pass...

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    I don't think the 2:10 bridge has no musical value to it. 

    I'd like to hear some more narrative (and maybe musical) development earlier on - around the 2nd verse. I feel that it gets a bit too etheral and introspective at times and some more explicit/ tangible expression is needed.

    Middle 8 transition feels a bit awkward.

    Longing it out a bit at the end.


    Sounds amazing - performed very well. 

    I got a chill down my spine once or twice. 

    You manged to keep my attention for a relatively long time - you made me want to listen on. There is a 'magic' to it with some very touching, endeering and honest lyricism.

    I'm a sharpened flat - I'm a natural.

    Originally Posted by bloodxandxrank

    ... If all else fails make the guitarist do it.....

    ^On the matter of learning harsh vocals.^

    Originally Posted by wrongnote85

    They wont go away, they'll just start making dubstep.

    ^On whether the '-core' bands will ever go away^