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"It's Dead in Here," Sinatra style? Lyrical idea


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  • "It's Dead in Here," Sinatra style? Lyrical idea

    This idea came to me while I was out walking the dogs (I have 2 staying with me this weekend).

    I have just the vaguest idea for a melody right now, a take-off on "Come Fly With Me."


    It's Dead in Here

    It's dead in here,the rafters no longer ring.
    Lenny the King's off doing his thing.
    And, baby, that cat could sing.

    It's dead in here
    the windows are all painted black.
    The cockroaches aren't coming back.
    And that includes Illinois Jack.

    Just O and Justin D
    still seem to know it's the place to be.
    And lovely Miss Grace is showing her face
    which is more than all right with me.

    And speaking of me
    and the other Lee, sometimes called Mr. Cool.
    He's teaching school, I'm playin' the fool.
    But, man, it's still dead in here.



    That's all I've got so far.


    “Good Vibrations” was probably a good record but who's to know? You had to play it about 90 bloody times to even hear what they were singing about. What’s next? Rock opera? —Pete Townshend, Melody Maker Interview, 1966.

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    I refuse to comment without making the cut

    Ha sounds like it may be fun!


    • Lee Knight
      Lee Knight commented
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      Hey!!! I made the grade!!! And I would never rub it in Mr. Stick but...


      And if you look real quick

      You might catch Stick, moving a hundred miles an hour

      He makes those swingin' tunes drive, no moon in June jive

      That cat runs on nuclear power


      I dig your mood Mr. Kelley.



    • LCK
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      stickboymusic wrote:
      I refuse to comment without making the cut

      Ha sounds like it may be fun!'

      Nah, it isn't that you didn't make the cut, it's that I got the idea while out walking but had to be somewhere before I could finish ruminating on the topic. You were just put on the back burner temporarily.

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    This brought a smile to my face. Music maestro please!

    "Now and then... occasionally... it seems to have.... too many notes"