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A little nonsense to get the creative juices flowing

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  • A little nonsense to get the creative juices flowing

    Writer's block sucks.  In the interest of producing something, anything, here's a little bit of nonsense that popped into my head while I was sitting on the john a moment ago (o.k., TMI):


    A prolific poster

    Got an alabaster toaster

    And a big chicken roaster

    watches cooking shows all day


    O.K. - your turn.  I'll check back this evening to see where this goes.

    Beware of deepities.-- Daniel Dennett

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    Sounds like a Phish song

    Give the director a serpent deflector
    a mudrat detector, a ribbon reflector
    a cushion convector, a pitcher of nectar
    a virile dissector,a hormone collector


    • Barry_Blink_a_lot
      Barry_Blink_a_lot commented
      Editing a comment

      Whatever you do, take care of your shoes.

      As for writer's block, can't say I've ever really experienced it.  I can always write something, and refine that, or go off from there.  Switch up your writing process, or take an existing tune and rewrite it.  Writer's block is really a name we have for the frustration of not writing something we believe to be up to our standards.  IMO, of course.