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  • A Friend to The End

    A "Friend to the End" has been replaced by the updated "Happy Birthday, My Friend" (See my updated post)

    "Now and then... occasionally... it seems to have.... too many notes"

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    Very nice, Rick.

    It meanders a bit, but it leaves me with a warm feeling. Nothing wrong with that, right?

    “Good Vibrations” was probably a good record but who's to know? You had to play it about 90 bloody times to even hear what they were singing about. What’s next? Rock opera? —Pete Townshend, Melody Maker Interview, 1966.


    • LCK
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      Oh, and as per usual, the tune is still jingle-jangling inside my head...

    • rsadasiv
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      LCK wrote:

      Very nice, Rick.

      It meanders a bit, but it leaves me with a warm feeling. Nothing wrong with that, right?

      +1. It's got a jaunty little groove going in the electric piano.

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      Great song, Rick.  There are only things I'd change.

      1)  Turn the second line of the first chorus to: "and think of the people I've passed"  Make it more action there, metaphorical.

      2)  The guitar sound is a little off.  I almost sounds like sleigh bells when it first comes in.

      Other than that, it is perfect.

      Don't listen to Justin.
      LCK - 2/21/2012


      • rickidoo
        rickidoo commented
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        Thank you for your feedback. 

        Instead, I threw a stick of dynamite in the song and redid it with new words, and a new approach on the music. 

        It has been renamed, too:

        Happy Birthday, My Friend(c)2013 Richard Dieffenbach

        V1:Happy birthday, my friend
        It's me, again

        Although you can't hear what I say
        Please talk to me anyway

        V2: Happy birthday, my love.
        I think of you, above
        And all the times we laughed aloud
        While chasing windswept clouds
        happy birthday my friend

        She loved to sail a windy sea
        Sip her morning tea  
        Share her hugs with only me

        Painting pictures that she saw
        Sew a quilt spread  on the floor
        Teach her children how to dance, how to love and how to laugh

        Happy birthday, goodbye
        The day you left me, angels cried
        You always said the sun would rise  
        Even when there are tears in my eyes