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Heart Shaped Door

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  • Heart Shaped Door

    I feel guilty for posting a new song (although it's been a while) when I haven't had the time to listen to anyone else's songs for so long! I'm sorry, lovely people.

    Here it is, anyway...the vocals are a bit strained as my voice is not being too cooperative today.



    Heart Shaped Door

    I hear you knocking at me

    I hear you knocking at my door

    I hear you calling for me

    You came a

    All things must pass...

  • #2

    Another great song right here.


    Personally i'd probably say:


    I hear you knocking at MY

    I hear you knocking at my door

    I hear you calling for me

    You came a


    • grace_slick
      grace_slick commented
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      Thanks Sticky!

      Yes, I agree with your suggestions...all of them. I actually did try to do a chorus where you'd put it, but I just could NOT find a chord progression or rhythm I liked! I tried 2 separate ones and both SUCKED! So I just didn't do one at all. I preferred to have the song as is, with NO chorus, as opposed to screwing it up with a craptastic chorus, you know?

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    Hi Grace,

    I'm in basic agreement with everyone else: what you have is a very good start, but it needs a chorus.  What you have here feels like it should be a pre-chorus:

    And I know it

    Beware of deepities.<br>-- Daniel Dennett


    • rsadasiv
      rsadasiv commented
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      Hey Grace!


      You sound lovely as usual. Song is good, piano is good. Let the bass walk a little - the groove is ok but there's more to bass than just bomping out the root of the chord.