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Friday Influences Thread 05-10-13

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  • Friday Influences Thread 05-10-13

    Post post post post



    Blue has asked me to moderate. Co-moderate. I'm currently planning a covert operation that will render him powerless. He shall one day regret he ever offered me even a sliver a power! POWER! Oh... THAT tastes good! Dee-lish-us!!! Think of it as a little leak in the dike... and frankly... it's clear Blue has overestimated the size of his finger and its power to stop the onslaught of the invertible. Though he does look cute in that little Dutchboy's cap.


    No, not really.


    I don't know what I'm doing and will be learning from the man, Mr. Blue himself. I hope to be as together as he's been all these years. I'm looking forward to it. I'll let him speak to it further. But let me just say, I think the reason we still have a community here at Songwriting Workshop is largely due to Mr. Blue. (not to underestimate Bee's awesome work as well)


    But anyway... for now, consider yourselves, that's right, all of you... BANNED!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHH! 


    No, not really


    In the words of Mr. Finn from the back room of his little Crowded House "...nobody move or I'll bring the house down!"


    She said I could never do that 
    But I know you can, you are in my dream 
    We are one person not two of a kind 
    And what was mine is now in your possession 
    I could feel you underneath my skin 
    As the wind rushed in 
    Sent the kitchen table crashing 
    She said nobody move 
    Or I'll bring the house down 

    I hardly know which way is up 
    Or which way down 
    People are strange God only knows 
    I feel possessed when you come around 

    It was one of those times 
    Wished I had a camera on me 
    Six foot off the ground 
    Well I know how that sounds 
    Look above you and beyond me too 
    That kind of view don't need an explanation 
    I'm not lying, not asking for anything 
    I just want to be there when it happens again 

    I hardly know which way is up 
    Or which way down 
    People are strange God only knows 
    I feel possessed when you come round 

    Whenever you invade my home 
    Everything I know flies out the window 
    It's above you and beyond me too 
    I don't want an explanation 
    But I'll be there when you bring the house down 

    I hardly know which way is up 
    Or which way down 
    People are strange God only knows 
    I feel possessed when you come round 
    People are strange 
    I feel possessed when you come round


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    Lee Knight wrote:

    Post post post post



    No, not really.


    Don't go changing your catchphrase now!!


    • Lee Knight
      Lee Knight commented
      Editing a comment

      Let me change that to, I don nee no stinking catch phrase!

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    One thing about being an OG looper (first live echo loop show, 1991) is that you're not instantly impressed just because someone has a bunch of boxes up on stage (my act only had one loop to start) and can get a full sound out of them (particularly when MIDI and prerecorded samples get mixed in in many looper performances).

    So my approach to loopers is a lot the same as my approach to 'advanced technique' guitarists (tappers, etc)... if the music moves me, it succeeds. Otherwise, there might be some technical interest or some gee whiz stuff but...


    Anyhow, stage set, let me say I've been listening to Emily Wells' latest album for a little while now and digging it. I heard her track "Mama's Gonna Give You Love" on Mog earlier and decided to toss it in here. When I went to YT looking for an embeddable vid, I saw that she's actually a live-looper.

    Having a soft spot for odd musical performance places, this vid was the first I chose -- and I have to say, her performance here really works for me... I especially like her one man band style use of the kick drum pedal (behind her) and her accents using the floor tom.


    We're gonna enjoy this one together... I'm inserting in here on a gamble (don't let me down Emily)...

    music and social stuff | The Forgotify Files | A Year of Songs | mutant pop on facebook | roots acoustic on facebook

    The chorus seems a little weak... I think it needs more lasers.