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    I've been looking for a good piano VST and I'm intrigued by XLN's Addictive Keys.  Their Studio Grand samples are significantly better than anything I have in my library and it is selling for only $50 right now.  Seems like a bargain based on the cost of other plug-ins like Ivory and EZ keys, looks to have more malleability as well.

    The question is whether I should splurge and get their Studio Collection for $150.  It comes iwth the Grand, a Modern Upright and a Rhodes.  I'd probably pick it up, except that I read a review that said the Rhodes sounds are dated and spongey, the former being a big problem of mine.   My ear for keys is hardly refined for and Bee has called me on it several times    Frankly, the Modern Upright is largely redundant for the same reason, I can barely discern the difference between that and the Grand! 

    Anyway, would anyone mind listening to the samples on XLN's website and in the attached vid and let me know if the Rhodes is worth picking up?


    XLN website:  http://www.xlnaudio.com/products/view/37

    YT demo (Rhodes starts around 5:30):


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    Not really a fan of electric pianos, but the grand piano and upright piano sound pretty good. The upright was  recorded using a similar piano to the one I have at home, which actually sounds pretty darn close. I think the main difference between the upright and the grand is that the upright has a more tight and punchier sound, whereas the grand has a more wide and open sound. Might try the grand demo and see if its worth getting.

    Too bad there's no demo version for the electric piano.. .png" alt=":smileyindifferent:" title="Smiley Indifferent" />

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      Thanks Davie.  So we agree that the piano sounds are excellent, anyone want to comment on the quality of the Rhodes? 

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    I use Reason Pianos for my piano samples, but I've heard other people use the XLN piano samples on tracks and they sounded fine. I haven't heard the EP samples but I like Lounge Lizard from AAS.
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      Thanks Ram, the XLN EP samples are in the links provided.  Care to take a listen?